Heather Fiona Martin

School and Community Art Projects

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What’s brilliant about community art is that it doesn’t just bond the like minded but can also provide a bridge to a space (the project) where people with differing views and from different parts of a community can get to know one another whilst working together.  Apart from creating a more vibrant neighbourhood through the art itself there are also health benefits (physical and mental) plus opportunities for leadership, building life skills and, of course, art education.


What is more, in a school setting the art room (or wherever art activities are held) is a place where pupils can learn so much more than “just” how to use materials.  It’s also a space where their imaginations can explore ideas, thoughts and feelings.  Where pupils, regardless of age, will improve their visual analysis skills, learn from mistakes and of course, be creative.


Martin_Blossom from upper walk way_Hammersmith and

art projects for all

"Blossom" from upper walk way of Parkview Centre for Health and Wellbeing with the residents of White City Estate:  commissioned by NHS Hammersmith and Fulham CCG and LB Hammersmith and Fulham 2014-15